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Unless otherwise indicated, all of the pedals have a mono output jack, a stereo input jack that shuts off the pedal if unplugged, true bypass wiring, pre-tinned solid core PVC coated wire, and all are hand assembled by me in my super secret lab. Some use PCBs, some are perf or vero,  some are eyelet boards, some are turret boards, and a few are point to point wired. Lots of cool gear. Often the transistors, ICs, OpAmps, and other key components are socketed for ease of experimentation.


You love the sounds of the BMP, right? The only problem is getting a consistent sound. culturejam makes some super high quality, well designed "GruntBox" PCBs using a collaborative board laid out by MadBean. These guys have big-time skills. I've been building a few stomp boxes using their boards. For comparison, on the left is an repainted Big Muff Pi enclosure housing a GruntBox, and on the right is a GruntBox in a standard enclosure.


Simple. Three in, one out, mechanical switching, indicator lights. Run three guitars into your rig and stop swapping cables.

Robot Chicken Salad Re-House Project

So I've rehoused another Danelectro Chicken Salad. This pedal is a poor man's Univibe. While I am working on a uni-vibe type project, I really do dig this pedal. Inside the Chicken Salad are a pile of crummy parts that should be replaced and I've done just that. The plastic jacks are gone. So is the daughter board that contains the switch and voltage divider circuit. A new power jack has been installed into the heavy-duty cast aluminum enclosure. The cheap pots have been replaced as well, and the 100 ohm trim pot that controls the bulb intensity has also been replaced. The LDR/bulb box's top has been lined with reflective aluminum foil. A new 3PDT switch has been installed to replace the case mounted switch from the old enclosure.


The BYOC Forum pedal building competition deadline came and went. Owing to a disaster in my shop and a minor design flaw my pedal was not completed on time. Bad for me. No bragging rights. No prizes. And I'm out $5!

What I'm not out is a great, and somewhat innovative, design; The Flange-Lo. This is a vintage sounding Flanger in a small 1590BB enclosure. It features Speed, Width and Regeneration controls. It is, of course, true bypass and runs at 18V DC. A great sounding flanger in a small box at a reasonable price would be enough for some folks, but it wouldn't be a MonkeyPedal. So I added a Lo-Fi circuit after the Flanger. Kick it on and it's like sending your signal through a small transistor radio. The two effect operate independently and are both true bypass, so you can use on or both as you please. There is an Ultra-Violet indicator LED, each protected by a chromed bezel, for each effect, and the LoFi knob will let you adjust the Level of the lofi signal. Because this pedal is a bit wider than the other MonkeyPedal effects, the input and output jacks are on the top edge of the pedal. The 18V jack is on the right hand side. Check out the Sound Bytes page for a sound sample!

Protein Fuzz

The initial run of three have cool retro dials behind the single knob. They are available now. Check out the Gear Attic for pricing and availability and see the Sound Bytes page for the awesome sounds clips (Thanks, Richard!). This pedal is a one knob fuzz on perf board with silicon transistors in a layout reminiscent of the early FuzzFace circuits of old. It has a bit of a change in the tone shaping, and is all protein, no gluten! Dial in the right amount of face melting fuzz and knock the socks off those more evolved pedals. This is pre-Piltdown Man distorted goodness. You know, we here at monkeypedals.com are big on simple controls and effects that do one thing and do it well. The standard version won't have the dials, but they will have the same form factor and, of course, the same circuit. and here's a picture of the limited edition run numbers 1,3 and 2, and number one in detail:


Modded POD

Just completed mods on a Floor POD. Dan (of Dannicus Live! fame) loves his Floor POD. He doesn't love squatting over to press and hold the Tap/Tempo button. The solution? Add a momentary switch you can step on. The trick? The Floor POD is full of Surface Mount Component goodness. Try soldering to that, Poopie-Pants! Some solid-core pre-tinned wire, hotglue, circuit tracing and warranty-voiding work later and Dan has a Floor POD he doesn't have to bend over to use. (Actually, I already voided Dan's warranty a couple months ago when I removed the 1/8" stereo jack and replaced it with a strain relieved stereo cable and 1/4" plug. Don't tell Line6)

Guitar Picks!

Now's your chance to get your very own monkeypedals.com guitar picks! Available in tortoise white or confetti rainbow. How do you get these fine picks you ask? Well by buying a monkeypedals.com pedal, of course. You could bum a couple picks off of me if you see me out and about. I'm a pretty soft touch.


Another Bass Fuzz, The Buzz Box

Cascaded Bass Fuzzes in the same box, one using a silicon diode, the other a germanium. Buzz with a sting! Great art logo by Erika. 9V power supply with Battery snap. True Bypass and Red clearwater LED. Hand wired effect in a pedalenclosures.com box. Years of reliable service is ahead with a pedal like this.  Jump on it now.


New Midsized Pedal- "Bass Fuzz"

I'm making a Bass Fuzz now.  This is the bigger box (room for a battery) version of it's tiny sibling. The jacks are all on the top so it can cozy right up to the other pedals on your pedal board.


New Mini Pedal- "Bass Fuzz"

Another Bass Fuzz.  A pretty simple silicon transistor on perf design, but the kicker is it's a big sound in a tiny box. I finished this bad baby today and I'm going to make it's bigger brother. The same circuit and style, but in a 125B enclosure with room for a battery. This is a super tight fit.
bass fuzz mini guitarpedal new www.monkeypedals.com product  back bass fuzz pedal  new www.monkeypedals.com product
The sound out of this beast is just that, BEASTLY! the transistor is socketed so it's easily changed. Super fuzz and farty, but in a good way. This pedal is for sale.

BYOC V1 OverDrive - "Dirty OD"

tube screamer byoc overdrive custom guitar effect pedal custom paint job

This is just about my favorite OD. Like the bastard child of a TS9 and a TS808 that was kicked out of finishing school. I can build more, and they would have the monkeypedals enclosure treatment; either a cool label decal on ivory/yellow/red/whatever (neat and cost effective) or a custom paintjob by Erika (way-cool and no one else has it.) This pedal is not for sale, but I can make another one for you...

  matching sho super hard on caffeine custom guitar pedal of the week for www.monkeypedals.com
Again with the twinsies. There's only one pictured here, but they are exact duplicates. Great DIY stuff. Basically a SHO. I guess i could write, "crackle okay" on the box, but if you know the circuit, you know that comes with the territory. I made two of these. Again, also, with the MadBean PCBs. Great for that push over the cliff. These pedals are currently for sale.

Another mini-pedal - "Rotary Cab Speed Control"
Tris at Songworks in Cardiff, CA, maker of the Little Leilani Amp also makes a mini rotary speaker cab. I've bought and built a number of these, and have always hated the footswitch they come with. So I made my own. It's a switch that lets you choose between the speed setting as tuned in on the speaker cabinet and the setting on the footswitch. The original is a plain-jane affair that looks like a sewing machine foot control. I built one in a Hammond 1290A box. Another quality monkeypedals.com product. It has a single mono-jack out. Turn the dial from the turtle to the rabbit to adjust the spin rate.

custome made rotary cabinet control pedal for guitar  three mini custom guitar effects pedals
For comparison the second picture shows three minis I've built: 1. The Bass Fuzz 2. The Micro Buffer and 3. The Rotary Control.

Chicken Salad Rehouse - "Robo-Chicken-Salad"
More of Erika's fabulous artwork. She's responsible for the Monkey logo, too, BTW. The girl has mad crazy skills.
robot chicken univibe rotary speaker simulator custom guitar effect pedal rehousing custom etch  robot chicken univibe rotary speaker simulator custom guitar effect pedal rehousing handpainted base
This is a rehouse of a Danelectro Chicken Salad. This pedal is not for sale. Special thanks go out to Daniel Zink. Look him up on the web. He does amazing work, and rehouses these things (and others) for a moderate fee. He is very skilled and a good dude.

Electra - "Green"

custom green handpainted electra guitar effect pedal 

This pedal features a custom painted enclosure by the fabulously talented artist, Erika! It's housed in a pedalenclosures.com heavy duty aluminum enclosure. The circuit is a deceptively simple Electra overdrive. The board is completely handmade., as is the entirety of the pedal. This sounds amazing when driving a Fender(tm) Blues DeVille. Especially when pushed by a single coil pickup guitar. This pedal is currently for sale.

BYOC 5 Knob Distortion
byoc 5 knob distortion custom guitar effect pedal art paintjob handpaintedbyoc 5 knob distortion custom guitar effect pedal art paintjob handpainted white led lit

Another custom painted pedal by Erika. This fabulous pedal is a BYOC 5 Knob Shredder pedal. The bright white LED can be seen for miles (well at least on a dark stage.) The custom paintwork is continued on the bottom. It is true-bypass and can be powered by a battery or a 9v 2.1mm adapter. This is the standard circuit. The knobs are brass, knurled, tele-style. This is in a Hammond 1590BB enclosure. This pedal is currently for sale.

Fuzz Face clone - "M*A*D Stivic"

meathead fuzz face clone mad stivic custom pedal guitar effect

The first BYOC forum build-off. Very similar in tone and construction to a certain meaty fuzz pedal made in the UK. Yes, that's a schematic on the top. Yes the LED is bright pink. And yes I regret selling it on eBay. But those were the contest rules. Winner was the highest winning bid. I didn't win, (came third behind Tonmann and Adi) but I did have pretty funny ad copy, and one fine sounding fuzz. Done on perf, true bypass, NPN socketed silicon transistor fuzz, auto-off when input jack is unplugged, etc., etc., etc. Dang I miss this pedal. ***If you are interested in this pedal, check out the Protein Fuzz***

Electra - "Watchmen"
custom watchmen guitar pedal electra enclosure 

Just another Electra. This one is a keeper. NFS. I do like making this circuit. It's a relatively easy build, and one that can be tweaked very slightly for a cool sounds.

Electra - "Dannicus Live"

dannicus live electra guitar pedal with mini pedal   dannicus live electra guitar pedal

A tribute to that great pirate band, "Dannicus - Live" and shown next to a similarly inspired Bass Fuzz pedal. This pedal is currently for sale.

My MidFi Clari(not) Cubed

  doom butter clari not clone guitar pedal

I made two of these bad boys. This is a DIY version of the Mid Fi Clari(Not). One sweet design. Buy an original if you can.  I'm keeping one for me. You can't have it.  Small knobs so you won't trap your fingers. Modulation and Fuzz in one box. this pedal is nothing short of shoe-gazing, knobs twiddling heaven.

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