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Sound Bytes for www.monkeypedals.com
All of the MP3s were recorded in a simple, similar configuration. The idea is to give you an idea of how the pedal colors the sound of your guitar. None of the guitar playing is an attempt to emulate anyone. Please do not send email saying, "Clapton did not play that note," or, "Jimmy Page would roll over in his grave if he were dead," or, "SRV is my own personal deity and you have defiled him. Now feel my wrath." I know all that. It's just a couple of sound samples, so please relax.

The chain is Guitar - Pedal - Amp - Mic'd Cabinet. Mp3s were created using ProTools 7 and the only edits were to cut dead air and for order. Each sample include the clean guitar sound and the effect turned on. A couple tracks have some reverb from the amp, but it's in both the sound of the amp alone and when the effect is turned on. The amplifier is a Carvin Vintage 16 into a mic'd cabinet. In each sound sample the guitar and pickup selection is mentioned. Equipment

AMP: Carvin Vintage 16
Guitar 1: Epiphone Les Paul, Humbucker Pickups Stock Configuration. No modifications.
Guitar 2: Franken Tele. American Highway One Thin Skin Nitrocellulose Finish, Twisted Tele Neck Pickup, Custom Shop 50's reissue Bridge Pickup, .022uf NOS sprague cap to tone control. Baja Telecaster Neck.
Guitar 3: 57 Reissue Stratocaster with three way switch. Bone stock.
Bass: Fender Squier P-Bass. Stock. **The Bass was recorded DI**

The Flange-Lo Was recorded using a different setup. It was the Tele into the Flange-Lo into a Vox Pathfinder 15R. It was then recorded with a Zoom H4 Handy Recorder on a tri-pod facing the Amplifier from 18" away. Low-tech, but you get the idea.

If you like the guitar work it's Richard Cruz. If you don't, it's me. Trust me on this. I know. I was there.

Range Master

Sample 1 Les Paul
(effect on throughout)

Sample 2 LP Bridge
(effect starts 00:16)

Sample 3 LP Neck PU
(effect starts 00:29)

Sample 4 Tele Neck PU Tone Off (effect starts 00:08)
Bass Fuzz

Sample 1
(effect starts 00:23)

Sample 2
(effect starts 00:09)
5 Knob Shredder

Sample 1 Tele Bridge PU
(effect starts 00:07)

Sample 2 LP Bridge PU
(effect starts 00:05)

Sample 3 LP Bridge PU
(effect starts 00:06)

Sample 4 LP Neck PU
(effect starts 00:11)

Sample 5 LP Neck PU
(effect starts 00:08)

Sample 6 Strat Neck PU
(effect starts 00:09)

Protein Fuzz
Sample 1 Strat Neck PU
(effect starts at 00:09)

Sample 2 Strat Bridge PU
effect starts at 00:16)

Sample 3 Les Paul Mid PU
effect starts at 00:23)

Sample 4 Les Paul Neck PU
effect starts at 00:15)


Sample 1 Strat Neck PU
(effect starts 00:09)

Sample 2 LP Neck
(effect starts 00:09)

Sample 3 Tele Neck
(effect starts 00:27)

Sample 4 Tele Neck 2
(effect starts 00:13)


Sample 1 LP Bridge
(effect starts 00:08)

Sample 2 LP Bridge
(effect starts 00:14)

Sample 3 LP Neck
(effect starts 00:24)

Sample 4 Tele Neck PU
(effect starts 00:21)

Sample 1 LP Bridge
(effect starts at 00:08)

Orange Juice

Sample 1 Strat Neck PU
(effect) starts at 00:13

Sample 1 Tele Bridge PU