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Welcome to www.monkeypedals.com!

Here you'll be able to see all my current pedal effects, as well as my existing projects. Here you'll find "boutique" effects pedals at non-boutique prices. Monkeypedals.com strives to bring great sounding pedals to you a muso-friendly prices. You only have a limited amount of space on your pedal board and you care about what ends up there.

If you need a modification to an existing pedal or want a new custom effect or have a neat idea for something no one seems to make shoot a message to joe@mergens.com or fill out the contact info on the Contact Page. We'll get back to you right away to discuss your ideas and goals.

If you want to see the current offerings, be sure to jump over to the Gear Attic and there you'll find out about current offerings, as well as deals on new and used gear.

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A special thanks to Kelly for her love, support and sense of humor.

Also thanks go out to Erika for her amazing artwork, Ant for his humor and inspiration, and to the DIY community.

A Special Thanks to Richard Cruz of Wolftrane. He gave monkeypedals.com a shout out at the San Diego County Fair this last week.   

Pictured Above is The Featured Pedal:

Introducing the ABCY! Every muso is faced with a dilemma. They have multiple instruments and swapping in and out for your rig is a pain. For simple, mechanical switching you can use our new ABCY. Three inputs and one output. One channel is active at a time, each with an indicator light to let you know if it is hot. Since this is just mechanical switching you don't have to worry about coloring any of your pedals in the chain to your amp. If you want a buffer installed and need more than one output simultaneously, inquire about the Buffered ABCY.

Honorable Mention to Nat Flick, Simeon Flick, Richard Cruz, Albert Comas, Mark "Pops" Wardwell, Fred & Tese Gramazio, Chuck Cameron, Dan Frecks, culturejam, tonmann, geekmacdaddy, stephen, and all the guys over at the BYOC forum. These folks have been prodding me to build pedals, encouraging my efforts and some have been crazy enough to actually spend cold hard cash on my work. (They are brilliant, ahead of their time and superlative examples of clarity in purchasing decisions!)

(*) monkeypedals.com is in no way affiliated with Fender(tm) or Gibson(tm) and the names are trademarked by their respective entities and are used for illustrative purposes only.  Of course I do have a Fender(tm) Telecaster and an Epiphone(tm) by Gibson(tm) Les Paul, so you could say I like their products, but again, it's not an endorsement or anything.